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Rapid Seal Pro RSP
List Price: $159.00
Our Price: $159.00
Turbo Side Port Swivel for Turbo Hybrid SKU T-8A The Rapid Seal Pro is the perfect tool for tile cleaners, installers and professional contractors to use for the application of grout sealant. Save yourself time, money and a little back pain by purchasing the Rapid Seal Pro. Spraybar for Turbo Force Turbo Hybrid SKU T-5
Turbo Hybrid Inner Shell (deck) SKU TH-255
List Price: $89.25
Our Price: $89.25
PT11 Gun Valve for Turbo Hybrid SKU PT-11
List Price: $81.34
Our Price: $81.34
Don't break your back to get on your hands an knees to clean the corners that tile and grout cleaning spinners can miss. With one stroke you can clean coving, edges and corner - the Gekko Corner tool makes it a breeze! There is a coving cover to enable you to clean just the floor and NOT the coving. It is rated at 2,000 PSI and has a single 9503 jet.

Turbo Hybrid Inner Shell (deck) T-11 Gun Valve for Turbo Hybrid
90 Degree Swivel SKU THQS1
Sale Price: $54.75
H094 Tube 1.5" Elbow
List Price: $48.99
Sale Price: $48.99
Replace your whip hose with this 25' 2" tapered down to 1.5" vacuum hose with cuffs

Change your 1.5" whip hose out for this tapered 2"-1.5" vacuum hose and you will thank me.
90 Degree Swivel

This is a Tube, vacuum elbow with a 1.5″ diameter for the Spinner Cleaning tool.

Spinner Housing P689A
List Price: $32.99
Sale Price: $32.99
Spinner Glide Ring P500
List Price: $24.75
Sale Price: $24.75
Spinner Brush Ring G098
List Price: $24.15
Sale Price: $24.15

This amazing Spinner Housing is for low profile 12″ Spinner units (8901, 8902, 8903, 8904).

This is a great replacement glide ring for Spinner® models 8901, 8902, 8903, and 8904.

This is a replacement part for the Spinner® Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool

Spinner Yoke H102
List Price: $11.99
Sale Price: $11.99
Mini Shark Tile And Grout Brush MMS
List Price: $5.99
Our Price: $5.99
Inline Strainer Complete for use on all wands like the Prochem Titanium and Sprayers like the Hydro-Force AS08 This part is  the replacement Spinner Yoke, H10 The New Mini Shark Tile And Grout Brush Is perfectly shaped to fit in your hand and get into those hard to reach places