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  L&L Society

Cancer has affected us all in some shape or form. We have either lost loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues to it - we really hate cancer. Every year since 2007, we have an annual fundraiser to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in their efforts to stop cancer. We were inspired by Barry Costa after hearing the story of losing his wonderful daughter Kim to this horrible disease. Before Kim's passing she created 10 life lessons.

Click here to read Kim’s 10 life lessons.

We want to give a big thank you to all of the vendors who donate prizes each year, and of course to everyone who donates. Since we started this journey we have raised a total of $27,430!! WOW! From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU to everyone who has made this possible!

Upcoming Classes

September 14th - 16th, Barry Costa will be back for the Carpet Repair and Reinstallation(RRT) class. Learn techniques and safety issues related to carpet repair and re-installation, carpet construction, inspection process prior to cleaning, tools of the trade, floor preparation, adhesives, carpet cushion installation, tackless strip and moldings, seaming, and proper stretching. This class also teaches various repairs that the carpet cleaner/restorer may come up against while dealing with an installed textile. This knowledge will enable the technician to recognize and avoid installation problems that may arise while performing carpet cleaning as well as how to correct many issues encountered.

Click here to sign up for the RRT class.

Barry Costa loves Utah so much that he is staying after the RRT class to teach the Water Restoration Technician (WRT) IICRC course September 17th-19th. Barry's passion for teaching is evident in the way he helps every student understand the material and the concepts behind the material. The Water Damage Restoration Technician course is designed to teach restoration personnel that perform remediation work to give them a better concept of water damage, it’s effects and techniques for drying of structures. This course will give residential and commercial maintenance personnel the background to understand the procedures necessary to deal with water losses, sewer back-flows, and contamination such as mold. (3 day course; 19 hours, not including exam time, lunch and breaks)

Click here to sign up for the WRT class.

The wonderful and brilliant Rachel Adams will be here November 3rd - November 6th to teach the AMRT course. In order to take this class, you have to have taken the WRT course and received your certification. The Applied Microbial Remediation Technician course covers mold and sewage remediation techniques to individuals engaged in property management, property restoration, IEQ investigations or other related professions. Emphasis will be placed on teaching mold and sewage remediation techniques to individuals who will perform these procedures in the field

Click here to sign up for the AMRT class.

Used Equipment

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